Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Search for Lost Species Intro by Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig aka 007 James Bond has added his support to the Global Wildlife Conservation project to search for 25 endangered and missing species, including our project for the search for the Pink-Headed Duck.

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Monday, 15 May 2017

In Search of the Pink-Headed Duck - Myanmar / S.E. Asia Expedition 2017 UPDATE

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UPDATE: 15th May 2107
Our expedition commencement dates have been more or less nailed down. Pilar and I plus Errol Fuller will be meeting up with Richard Thorns in Bangkok in or around Oct 25/26th to then fly on to Mandalay accompanied by Richard on the 27th Oct. After a days rest and assessing any changes to last minute details (you expect this in Asia) we head north and the search begins in various, remote location.

Our equipment list is growing daily, mostly camera equipment and accessories (new camera body, lens, camera traps, go-pros, additional batteries, SD cards etc). Also looking at a new notebook instead of my laptop. My old one died shortly after my last trip through Europe. 

Of course, it's great having all this equipment but the biggest problem is keeping everything charged and all data collected transferred and backed up. Since the last time in Asia 2008/09 thankfully the technology available is not only more powerful but also the costs have dropped considerably. I'm looking at various solar chargers 

After our initial expedition to Myanmar, Pilar and I will be extending our field search into after N.E. India to visit suitable habits in Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and maybe into Bhutan. We are considering adding aand teaming up with a local researcher in the area, but this needs further discussion. This part of the expedition will continue hopefully into mid-December and then we intend to rest our mosquito bitten bodies on a beach over Christmas in Goa before heading back to the UK just after New Year.

We have a lot to do and time is not on our side but the excitement in the air is tangible. Pilar and I are starting to work on our fitness levels and I intend to push us hard in the mountains and hills surrounding Nerja, Spain this summer. The heat is very different to the heat & humidity of Asia but the training of carrying all my equipment in this terrain will either kill me or make us fit for purpose, of course, it will be the latter.

I'd like to thank the ongoing support of GWC - Global Wildlife Conservation and our generous, individual sponsors (you know who you are).

John Hodges
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Historical range of Pink-Headed Duck
By Shyamal - Own work, Public Domain, Link

Friday, 12 May 2017