Thursday, 23 August 2018

Berries for free - Healing with Nutrients

As the end of summer approaches and the nights draw in, our countryside (N. Hemisphere) is handing over its bounty of wild foods.

My personal favourites are the abundance of berries, especially Blackberry and Elderberry. The amount of health benefits and vital immune nutrients contained in these fruits is stunning and it's all free, a true gift from nature.

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Please be selective where you collect your berries. Don't collect near roads or industry, the pollutants absorbed by these plants can be in high concentrations and kinda defeats the purpose of collecting them as part of your health routine. Also, make sure they are above dog height, I'll leave the obvious explanation of this to your imagination!

The recipe above is my typical smoothie at this time of the year, it has the full nutritional base covered. This will provide 2 pints a day for two days (keep in fridge). One pint in the morning and one an hour before bed. This is not only an amazing meal in a glass but more importantly, it's preventative medicine and gives me the nutrients to fuel and repair my 50yr old body every day. 

If you don't want to go into this complexity just keep it simple 

  • A large handful of blackberries
  • A couple of freshly picked apples
  • A handful of green leaves
  • Half an unwaxed lemon
  • Ginger to taste
  • tsp Cinnamon 
  • Filtered water
Don't forget you can always freeze any excess but please don't be greedy. Don't harvest from one place, remember the wildlife also rely on the berry harvest to achieve optimal health in preparation for the winter. The animals know this instinctively, we should all pay more attention.

Now go out and fill up on berry goodness.
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John Hodges

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Food Conspiracies No More - The Great Awakening

By John Hodges

As society becomes more aware of the dangers and 'Conspiracies' (I hate to use the word) exposing a major conflict of interests between the food industry and big pharma, I'm often asked the question "what can I do to protect our families"?
The answer is simple:
Identify the enemy and remove them from your lives.

'Knowlege is power' and without it, we have to rely on the propaganda we are spoon fed from birth and a large dose of blind faith to make the important decisions for our lives.

Personally, I don't find this attitude satisfactory for my personal health and that of my loved ones.

We're not in Kansas anymore. The wizard behind the curtain is real and he wants your acquiescence and MONEY. Your quality of life and health are not the corporations' priorities regardless of what the TV heads are paid to make you believe. Please stop kidding yourselves.

Below is the esteemed body of work by writer/researcher Mark Plummer. 
The information in these books will shatter your preconceived paradigms about the food and the health industries which by your ignorance and acquiescence are determining your present and future health. 
Don't be scared!!
Don't feel stupid
They fooled us all for a loooong time.

Just this last week a 46-year-old farmer sued and won a trial case against Monsanto (now Bayer) exposing the frightening and real dangers of the incredibly popular weed killer Roundup. 

It has been ruled that his use of Roundup at work and more specifically one of its chemical components an organophosphate, L glyphosate, caused his terminal cancer. 
He has been awarded $289m in damages. I hope this test case will now expose and open the doors to thousands of claims against this evil company that knowingly is destroying lives, environment and the planet's food chains for profits. 
Watch this space!

I'll keep it simple, the industrial use of Roundup soaks your food in organophosphates (L glyphosate) to kill pests that threaten the crops. It kills everything except the GMO resistant food crops. 

Ya get it? IT KILLS EVERYTHING, unwanted plants, insects, moulds, bacteria, YOU...everything!!! 
Unless it's been genetically modified it doesn't survive Roundup....sorry, you're are not included and neither is your family!

All of your processed foods and mass-produced fruits and veg. 
All that lovely GMO food that is hidden in the ingredients list in your bread, cereals and other such staples of the family kitchen are soaked with these poisons.
Conspiracy......NO MORE

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If you're reading this blog, you've already started searching for the truth.
The GOOD NEWS is the damage to your health can be reversed but it's YOUR choice. 
Your education can start here. The findings, conclusions and often challenging research from Mark Plummer after diligent years of investigation and research, all lay between the covers of his books. You will find all the information you need to start protecting and enhancing the health and lives of your family. 

It's NOT normal that everyone around us seems to be sick and medicated, young and old, WHY?
The answer lies here. 
Are you ready?
The Medicine Is On Your Plate.....if you choose it to be so.

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Sunday, 12 August 2018


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