Thursday, 28 February 2019

Nutty Bites of Joy Recipe: Healthy, Raw, Vegan, Delicious and Nutritious

by Pilar Bueno

Thursdays are the days I put aside to be creative with my group of artistic friends. There is nothing like sharing your passions with like-minded people, whilst having a good catch up and putting the world to rights. 

Today is my turn to host the "Crafty Witches Coven", as we fondly call ourselves, and I thought I would treat them to some healthy snacks.

The "Nutty Bites of Joy" (or "Balls of Joy", as we call them at home!) are so delicious and rich in flavour that you don't need many of them to satisfy your sweet cravings.

There is no cooking required so none of the nutritional value of the ingredients is lost in the process of making them. They contain no refined sugars, saturated fats or animal-derived products and they really do taste that amazing! On top of it, they contain 3 powerful Sirt Foods: Cocoa, Medjool dates and Walnuts. Read more about what Sirtuin Activators proteins can do to improve your health in our book Sirt Foods: The Secret Behind Diet, Healthy Weight Loss, Disease Prevention, Reversal & Longevity 

The main ingredient is Dates, which is a fantastic source of minerals, vitamins, fibre, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and zinc. This particular type of date (Medjool) is very sweet with a deep flavour that combines beautifully with the cocoa giving it an almost real taste of chocolate. A powerhouse of nutrition, it is fantastic for giving you a boost of energy when you most need it.

  • 2 cups Pitted Medjool Dates
  • 1 cup of Chopped Mixed Nuts
  • 1/2 cup of Ground Almonds
  • 1/4 cup Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
  • 1/2 cup Unsweetened Shredded Coconut, plus extra for rolling
  • 1/4 tsp. Himalayan Pink Salt
  • 1 1/2 tsp. Vanilla Extract
  • 1 1/2 tbsp. Coconut Oil
I would always recommend that you use organic ingredients or at least the best quality you can afford. I buy a lot of my nuts, seeds and superfoods from the online store Buy Whole Foods Online, as they have a great range of organic products at competitive prices.

A note on Vanilla: I always use 'Extract' and not 'Essence' or 'Flavour'. This is because Vanilla 'Extract' is a natural product made by soaking vanilla pods in a mixture of ethyl alcohol and water, whilst Vanilla 'Essence' is a synthetic version, in other words, chemically produced. This is the reason why Essence is always cheaper. 
The shocking revelation though is the Vanilla 'Flavour'. You might want to sit down before I tell you that artificial flavourings like vanilla are made from the anal secretions of a beaver. Yeap, you read it right: Beaver Butts! Castoreum is the name of this chemical compound that mostly comes from a beaver’s castor sacs and has rather interestingly a musky, vanilla scent... Yum. 

And with that lovely thought in our heads, let's get "cooking".


Process dates in a food processor until they form a ball.

Add the rest of the ingredients and process until evenly blended. If you have a powerful food processor you can use whole nuts. I particularly like my blend to have chunks of nuts as it adds a more interesting texture, but if you dislike this, you can always use ground almonds instead.

Roll the mixture into bite-size balls and to finish them off by rolling them individually in shredded coconut.

You can store them in the refrigerator for up to two weeks but I doubt they will last more than a couple of days!

They make ideal snacks when you need a boost of energy or to accompany any hot drink. I shall serve mine with an infusion of wild chamomile that I collected from the mountains of Southern Spain last year.

Nutty Bites of Joy with Wild Chamomile Infusion

Wild Spanish Chamomile

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

HEMP & CBD EXPO - Get 50% off - First ever event in the UK: Birmingham NEC March 2nd & 3rd 2019

by Pilar Bueno

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We are living in historic times as medicinal marijuana is becoming more mainstream acceptance in the UK and worldwide. 

Hemp and Cannabis-based products are flooding the market and available to buy online and health food stores as “Food Supplements”. Who would have thought, a few years ago, that some cannabis-based products would be available on prescription as medicinal cannabis here in the UK!
A small selection of Chakanna's products

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant species, specially grown to make a variety of industrial and commercial products such as food, clothes, paper, rope, and even eco-building materials. It is one of the oldest crops and it is incredibly sustainable as not only it grows very quickly, it requires little maintenance, does not need pesticides, it naturally regenerates its own soil and, quite incredibly, every single part of the plant can and is used. We are great fans of Hemp at home and we even make our own hemp milk (see our "Dairy Alternative: Hemp Milk" blog entry).

RECIPE - Make Hemp Milk in Under 5 Minutes

The recreational and medicinal marijuana (cannabis) whilst also deriving from the Cannabis Sativa plant, is a different strain and it has its unique composition and use. 
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of cannabis, a plant that for thousands of years has been used for its medicinal properties. A safe, non-addictive and non-psychotropic substance (does not make a person feel "stoned" or "intoxicated"), it continues to be tested and confirmed for its therapeutic properties by scientists and medical professionals around the world.

If you would like to find out more about Hemp and Cannabidiol (CBD), what it can do for you and how it can transform your life, Birmingham is hosting the first dedicated Hemp and CBD event in the UK this weekend (March 2nd – 3rd 2019) at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC). 

You will be able to attend a variety of seminars (30 to choose from) talking about a range of topics and have your questions answered by the expert speakers. You will be able to buy, taste and sample products from more than 110 exhibitors to include CBD oils, superfoods, cosmetics, building materials, clothing, paraphernalia, and medicinal ointments and balms. 

Ticket price is normally £30. But you can get 50% off your entry ticket by entering this promotional code CBDMIRR50 when you buy your ticket online. You will also receive a FREE bottle of CBD oil, a Free copy of their Hemp & CBD Magainze and an Expo Goody Bag.
What are you waiting for? Book your ticket now!

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Friday, 25 January 2019

Pro Life Debate........missing evidence that ALL SHOULD KNOW

For sharing evidence, legislation, arrests and reporting stories concerning this troubling debate I have been banned from certain social media and merchant accounts. I NEVER call for violence, use bad and unnecessary language, challenge gender, religious or cultural beliefs. I just report the FACTS without being lead by triggered emotions that are being weaponised by the mainstream media.

Sorry folks, WARNING, your political 'emotions' may be challenged or triggered by the facts

The whole pro-life (this will probably lead to my ban, again) debate is being misdirected by the mainstream media for political agenda and profit. 

Maybe there is something else we should look into, the elephant in the room that has been going on for a looong time. It goes far beyond the abortion debate and yet very few are informed.........especially the voters.

Time for major investigations, transparency and jail time for the evil scum behind these projects. (GOOD NEWS, it has started and is ongoing). This is going on worldwide and some very BIG names, both individuals, charities and foundations that have fooled us into believing their humanitarian narrative. 

Do you know where your charity donations go?
What does Government funding do and why is it that so many politicians and celebrities worldwide set up foundations, especially for children. Where does all that money go? #SlushFunds

Oh yeah, I very pleased to be #vegan!!! (think about my last statement, I'll leave you to put the pieces together, the evidence is out there)

Personally, I'm neither left or right. I don't care about who you sleep with, your nationality, colour, religion, age, income. Those are all distractions played upon you to trigger your primitive tribal fears, all to divide and conquer the sheeple, played by the elite that pulls YOUR strings. It's called the Hegelian dialectic (they create a problem, we react, they supply the solution) They are masters at social engineering and the media are the most powerful tools ever created for this purpose.

If you want to see how it all works, make a brew and watch this video documentary by Adam Curtis, The Century of the Self. Your REAL history lesson begins here.

Figure out who owns and dictates the narrative.
Compare media corps ownership 25yrs ago to today. Monopolies???
Is there a 4am media talking point?
Comparative news story research for TRUE results, try it I dare ya.
If you've done the above Now Turn off the TV
Don't expect true search results from the big G search engine.
Compare searches on other engines. (sit down for this one, you're in for a surprise)

I'm anti-asshole wherever and whoever they are.
Judge a man by his deeds

It's ok if you feel foolish and duped after reading the articles linked below. They've been playing at this for a long time, you're not alone. 
This goes Way deeper than I can go into here. Institutionalised doesn't even scratch the surface. 

I have personally witnessed and lived with the results of this harrowing evil, nuff said!

Check out tribal, elite human history, even from mainstream sources. What do they have in common? 
Human Sacrifice 
Occult Beliefs systems and practises. 
This evil never went away, it just went underground and has been smothered by pops n bangs with a little celebrity sparkle to blind society and make us all beg for more of the same. 

They then throw on top a big dose of fear, war, hatred, divided social sub-groups and sickness. When someone gets too close they wrap it all up in a word which is emotional response trigger 'Conspiracy' and everyone looks away like good sheeple. 
check these documents out: MK Ultra 2018 released documents

Yeah, well it's all coming to an end. I know when you look outside the birds are singing and everything looks normal. It's an illusion but one that's being exposed as I write.
Society, in general, is in for a big wake-up.
Don't be afraid of the truth for it will set us all free.
Peace to you all


Collected data for the last two years, please click red links

Saturday, 22 December 2018

The unexpected winter visitor - Black Throated Diver

Black Throated Diver - Gavia arctica
Arrow Valley Park - 22nd December 2018

by John Hodges

After several days of gloomy weather and a workload, I’d rather not think about, I wrapped up in warm layers, boots and waterproofs and grabbed my camera kit.

The brief but welcome winter sunshine had beckoned me outside, a quick visit to the local Arrow Valley Park and lake was called for, and if I'm lucky a chance to snatch of a photograph of a rare winter visitor from colder, foreign climes.

On Saturday afternoon I was rewarded with an early Christmas present, a Black Throated Diver - Gavia arctica in its winter plumage. It is also known as the Arctic Loon as its habitat range from the Siberian, Arctic circle and Alaska

This streamline diving bird winters in the UK with numbers reaching up to 560 pairs. Today as far as I’m aware was the first time this species had visited The Arrow Valley Lake. Not only is this a rare bird but no way did I expected to see such a beauty in the centre of England. In the winter the birds usually turn up around sheltered parts of the coastline and intertidal river, mostly the northern coastline. The breeding summer population of approx 200 pairs reside in the Highland lochs of Scotland.

On days like today, I’m made aware of why my addiction to natural history and wildlife photography is like drug and a very good drug at that. On any given day you just never can tell what will show itself. As a wildlife photographer who has been fortunate to have explored habitats around the world, research and planning always go a long way if you want a chance of encountering and photographing your species of choice. But when some unexpected species turn up, especially when it’s on your own doorstep the old heart rate goes up and all your senses become hypersensitive. In the briefest blink of an eye, catching a subtle but unusual silhouette, call or flight pattern, you’re transported back to a 10yr old boy pretending to be his idol, David Attenborough. Holding your breath in the hope you get one more glimpse, a photographic record of a bird or butterfly that you’ve only seen in the pages of well-thumbed books.

Saturday 22nd December 2018 was one of those days at Arrow Valley, well it was for me anyway and I suspect the same was felt by the several birders who shared this glorious wanderer during the Christmas week.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

VIDDA TEES - Custom Designed t-shirts and merchandise

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Thanks, John and Pilar

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Saturday, 10 November 2018

The Choice Is Ours: Palm Oil or The Jungles of S.E. Asia and Its Inhabitants

This picture was taken by Pilar Bueno in 2009 at a jungle research station at a secret location in Sabah, Borneo. This beautiful lady is called Jackie and was rescued with her three brothers as very young orphans from a local market. Her family had been killed by poachers as a direct result of the clearing of the surrounding jungle. Her parents and extended family would have been slaughtered and chopped up for meat and souvenirs and these infants would have been sold into the illegal pet trade.

The researchers brought these poor babies back to full health and eventually after a year released them into the surrounding jungle. Within weeks the three brothers had been killed by poachers. Jackie is now the very last of her kind in this small oasis of remaining jungle. Each night, she comes out of the forest to make her bed near the research centre (a very small building). I conclude that she is lonely and feels safe at night near her trusted human friends. It was a true honour to meet her and have her smile into my eyes.

The reason for the collapse of the jungles population of Orang-Utan can be firmly placed on the table of the Palm Oil industry. Our journey to this remote area was one of the most heartbreaking journeys in all our travels, it literally made us cry. Hour after hour the views from our transport was of a monoculture of Palm Oil plantation, spreading for thousands of square miles from horizon to horizon. Where just 10 years ago stood majestic, old stand jungle, is now an ecological disaster.

Unless this government and corporate exploitation are stopped, we will lose this irreplaceable habitat. Borneo's jungles and all its biodiversity have, at the current rate of destruction, maybe 10 years left. Once it has gone, it's gone. 

It is the very definition of double standard hypocrisy. The little people (that's us) are consistently warned and scared about the problems of man-made global warming and yet the very organisations that tax us in every way possible endorse or at least turn a blind eye to the whole destruction of the oxygen producing lungs of the world. Jungles absorb huge amounts of CO2 and produce clean air that all life requires. 

Unless you've been hiding under a rock we've all heard of Palm Oil. Rock dwellers listen up!

Palm oil, or often labelled ‘Vegetable Oil’ (sneaky huh), ‘Glycerin’ or ‘Elaeis guineensis oil’ (as labelled in cosmetics) has helped destroy over 50-65,000 Orang-Utans and over 80% of their irreplaceable jungle rain forest in the last 20 years.

Cetyl Palmitate and Octyl Palmitate
Elaeis Guineensis (Taxonomic name for palm oil)
Hexadecylic or Palmitic Acid
Hydrated Palm Glycerides
Palm Oil Kernal
Anything with Palmitate at the end
Cetearyl Alcohol
Emulsifier 422, 430-36, 470-8, 481-483, 493-5
Glyceryl Stearate
Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate (SDS or NaDS)
Sodium Isostearoyl Lactylaye
Sodium Laureth Sulphate
Sodium Lauryl Sulphates
Steareth – 2 & Steareth – 20
Stearic Acid Vegetable Oil

This industry literally has blood on its hands. It violates all kinds of human rights issues, including child slavery. It is a major contributor to climate change and environmental toxicity, something the International Community hardly ever talks about. 

Global sales from palm oil exports totalled US$33.3 billion in 2017. Year over year, international palm oil sales gained 19% from 2016 to 2017.

All of us as consumers have the power to change this before it's too late. Remember 'we can only be conscious of things we pay attention to'
We have the power if we each chose to use it. 

Your purchasing power applies huge pressure and can facilitate major changes in corporate practices.

Below is a starter list of products that use and don't use Palm Oil in their production. If you want to be part of the solution you can start by boycotting the products listed.

As a side note and an issue for a future blog entry, Palm Oil also negatively affects your health, especially when heated.
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(This is a small guide list, please read your labels)
DRINKS: Pepsi, Coca-Cola, 7UP, Mountain Dew
SPREADS: Flora, Clover, Pro Activ
CRISPS: Kettle Chips, Doritos, Pringles
BREAD & CEREAL: Mighty Soft, Cheerios, Warburtons, Hovis, Kingsmill
SWEETS: Nestle, Haribo, Starburst, Milky way, Favourites, Picnic, Time Out, Cadbury, Quality
Street, Reeces, Lindt, Oreo, Belvita, Ritz, Galaxy, Kit Kat
ICE CREAM: Blue Ribbon, So Good
TOILETRIES: Rimmel, Revlon, Estee Lauder, Avon, Bobbi Brown, Clarins, Aveda, Max Factor, Covergirl, M.A.C, Essence, Chanel, Palmers, Ponds, Olay, Dove, Simple, St. Ives, Garnier, Nivea, Clinique, Biore, Liz Earl, Cutex, Pro Activ, Oral B, Macleans, Kingfisher, Dove, Pantene, Schwartzkopf, Sunsilk, Tresemme, Garnier, Head n Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Clairol, Nice n’ Easy, Palmolive, John Frieda, Aussie, LUX, Palmers, Pears, Lynx, Old Spice, Johnsons
CLEANING: Persil, Surf, Jif, Windex, Dettol, Fairy, Vanish
PETS: Aldi, Hi-Life, Eukanuba, Purina, Friskies, Optimum


(Most eco-brands are palm free)
DRINKS: Nescafe, Lucozade
SPREADS: Lurpack, Country Life
BREAD & CEREALS: Golden Crumpets, Abbot’s Village Bakery, Nesquick, Coco Pops, Nature Valley, Ryvita, Kellogs
CRISPS: French Fries, Walkers
SWEETS: Skittles, Mentos, Chuppa Chups, Jelly Belly, Wrigleys, Bounty, Crunchy, Flake, Lindt (block), Lindt Lindor, Toblerone, Whittakers, Twirl, Cadbury (plain), Guylain, Booja Booja, Ombar, Aero, Ferrero, Koko Black, Smarties, Snickers, Twix, Maltesers, M&M variety, Mars, Celebrations, Kinder, Thorntons, Dunkin’ Doughnuts, Hershey’s
ICE CREAM: Weis, Ben & Jerry’s, Booja Booja, Magnum, Nutella
TOILETRIES: Andrex, Lush, The Body Shop, Urban Decay, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Nars, Trilogy, Heavenly Organics, A’kin, Neutrogena, Aveeno, St. Tropez, Sanctuary SPA, Sukin, Sensodyne, Colgate, Dr Bronner, A’kin, Aeosop, Fudge, Charles Worthington, Radox
CLEANING: Method, Down to Earth, Clean Conscience, Ajax, Glade
PETS: Schmackos, Pal, Pedigree, Whiskas, Iams

To learn more about the effects of palm oil deforestation, please check out one of my
favourite charities doing great work on site with the orangutans - or donate on their facebook page -

Every pound counts!

Google Apps also list a FREE download for your mobile phone, click on the image below for a direct link.
 Google Shopping App
The photographs on these t-shirts linked below were taken by myself in Borneo in 2009. I will donate £5.00 in your name if you decide to order either of these shirts purchased from these links. 

Please email a screenshot of your purchase invoice and I will then make a donation in your name and email you the receipt. 
I will personally not make a penny from the purchase of this shirt.
Thank you for your support

John Hodges

The 'controversial' and banned #NoPalmOilChristmas Iceland Advert
Let's us make this a viral phenomenon over Christmas