Friday, 25 January 2019

Pro Life Debate........missing evidence that ALL SHOULD KNOW

For sharing evidence, legislation, arrests and reporting stories concerning this troubling debate I have been banned from certain social media and merchant accounts. I NEVER call for violence, use bad and unnecessary language, challenge gender, religious or cultural beliefs. I just report the FACTS without being lead by triggered emotions that are being weaponised by the mainstream media.

Sorry folks, WARNING, your political 'emotions' may be challenged or triggered by the facts

The whole pro-life (this will probably lead to my ban, again) debate is being misdirected by the mainstream media for political agenda and profit. 

Maybe there is something else we should look into, the elephant in the room that has been going on for a looong time. It goes far beyond the abortion debate and yet very few are informed.........especially the voters.

Time for major investigations, transparency and jail time for the evil scum behind these projects. (GOOD NEWS, it has started and is ongoing). This is going on worldwide and some very BIG names, both individuals, charities and foundations that have fooled us into believing their humanitarian narrative. 

Do you know where your charity donations go?
What does Government funding do and why is it that so many politicians and celebrities worldwide set up foundations, especially for children. Where does all that money go? #SlushFunds

Oh yeah, I very pleased to be #vegan!!! (think about my last statement, I'll leave you to put the pieces together, the evidence is out there)

Personally, I'm neither left or right. I don't care about who you sleep with, your nationality, colour, religion, age, income. Those are all distractions played upon you to trigger your primitive tribal fears, all to divide and conquer the sheeple, played by the elite that pulls YOUR strings. It's called the Hegelian dialectic (they create a problem, we react, they supply the solution) They are masters at social engineering and the media are the most powerful tools ever created for this purpose.

If you want to see how it all works, make a brew and watch this video documentary by Adam Curtis, The Century of the Self. Your REAL history lesson begins here.

Figure out who owns and dictates the narrative.
Compare media corps ownership 25yrs ago to today. Monopolies???
Is there a 4am media talking point?
Comparative news story research for TRUE results, try it I dare ya.
If you've done the above Now Turn off the TV
Don't expect true search results from the big G search engine.
Compare searches on other engines. (sit down for this one, you're in for a surprise)

I'm anti-asshole wherever and whoever they are.
Judge a man by his deeds

It's ok if you feel foolish and duped after reading the articles linked below. They've been playing at this for a long time, you're not alone. 
This goes Way deeper than I can go into here. Institutionalised doesn't even scratch the surface. 

I have personally witnessed and lived with the results of this harrowing evil, nuff said!

Check out tribal, elite human history, even from mainstream sources. What do they have in common? 
Human Sacrifice 
Occult Beliefs systems and practises. 
This evil never went away, it just went underground and has been smothered by pops n bangs with a little celebrity sparkle to blind society and make us all beg for more of the same. 

They then throw on top a big dose of fear, war, hatred, divided social sub-groups and sickness. When someone gets too close they wrap it all up in a word which is emotional response trigger 'Conspiracy' and everyone looks away like good sheeple. 
check these documents out: MK Ultra 2018 released documents

Yeah, well it's all coming to an end. I know when you look outside the birds are singing and everything looks normal. It's an illusion but one that's being exposed as I write.
Society, in general, is in for a big wake-up.
Don't be afraid of the truth for it will set us all free.
Peace to you all


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