Tuesday, 25 September 2018


VIDDA Tees UK has now opened it's UK store on Amazon. We have 100+ unique and exclusive designs. We have a full range of sizes and five striking colours for each shirt.

In the coming weeks our selection of designs will be expanding, but if you have any ideas that you'd like designed for you, maybe for an event, party or other social activity, drop me a message either here or on Facebook. 

Alternatively, if you're outside the UK but would like to purchase a shirt just drop me a line with the link to the t-shirt design you like and I will make it available on our .com store. Links are provided below.

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Thanks, John & Pilar

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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Homemade Vegan Breakfast - Broccoli Sprouts

My favourite breakfast to start my day.
Freshly grown #BroccoliSprouts on homemade bread, a little hemp oil, cayenne pepper, turmeric & black pepper and the special hack to maximise and activate the #sulfurane in the broccoli, a little sprinkled English mustard powder.

By the way, dogs love broccoli sprouts, it is an easy and cheap way to add valuable nutrients to your pooches meals.

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