Friday, 7 February 2020


This post has been de-platformed and censored across my social media. Even this platform has tried, but I have my ways of getting around their fuckery.
This is NOT A GAME. 

A Hot Intelligence war has been running for 3yrs, many brave journalists and elite forces have died, everyone HEROES fighting for you and your children. Many attempts have been made to flick the switch on a VERY hot War to stop this information coming out. Assassination attempts have been made. Many False Flags have been orchestrated against all of us. The mainstream media have only reported the optics they controlled to keep the people asleep.

When you get the people pissing down their own legs, distrustful of neighbours and parties, they can be motivated against your foe with FEAR and the irrational takes over. At that point, you have an army that will throw themselves on bayonets rather than self-analyse, or question the rhetoric from their heroes and leaders.

Problem Reaction, Solution
Create a problem (social unrest/elections), Reaction (rile up your support with propaganda), Solution (take full control of everything and tell your following you had no choice to justify your tyranny) The Communist model using fascist fear and mind-control tactics.
They controlled BOTH sides

In the coming months, you will hear ALL these stories.
Most of the population are blissfully unaware of the peril they have been in, even the ones who thought themselves to be awake. 
Many have openly defended this deadly ideology without question. 
Families and friends have become enemies......they are that good at this!

Being intelligent and having intelligence are two very different beasts. One depends on the other but only if you are aware and paying attention.

There is no SHAME to realise that you've been wrong, mislead or manipulated. When we learn from our mistakes we evolve wisdom and integrity that shapes everything in our lives. It's applying the scientific method to our own consciousness. We test then accept new concepts and understanding of ourselves. But it becomes dangerous to yourself and all others when you find out that you are wrong but refuse to change position because of ego. At that point, you've become weaponised and the enemy of yourself and the people. 
I can guarantee your life will fall apart in every way. Because if you don't recognise the enemy you've created within, how can you ever conquer it?

How many people do you know this fits too. Good people, that always seemed to be mired in chaos? Blaming everyone and everything and yet the enemy is much closer to home. We often are the architects of our own demise.

You will become unrecognisable because of the hate and rage you spew over everyone you know. You'll despise any who challenge you. Make accusations against them and label them with hateful broad strokes of ignorance. People will distance themselves and avoid you like a bad smell.

That usually does not work out well for the individual or the ideology fueling it.
It works like a virus. Attracting the vulnerable, weak and scared. 'We're the victims' is the battle cry. The BAD man over there is the oppressor and yet the hate and eventually, violence comes from your tribe/team/party.
Does this appear familiar??
If so, KEEP CALM and read on. I am not your enemy.

The above paragraphs described my personal position for most of my life. I thought I had it all worked out, confident with my intellectual analysis of the World (sound familiar). I knew many histories and events, both mainstream and alternative that were all labelled conspiracy theory, but upon careful examination of the evidence over a period of 30yrs, I knew for sure that this labelling was misinformation. Something BIG was going on, but I and others couldn't join the dots. In the last 3 years, we've been given the missing pieces that joined those dots and the mist and fog have cleared.

Who I always thought/told was the enemy was a massive and manipulative lie. The enemy had his arm around my shoulder, whispering sweet nothings into my open and welcoming ear all along. 
"Listen to MY truth, the rest are idiots" my devil whispered.

I now know my/our enemy. I see them in clear sunlight and I'm pissed that I was so easily deceived for so long while I defended their evil machinations.
I AM THEIR ENEMY NOW and I'm prepared to die to expose their evil. 
But I am in no way SUICIDAL I state that LOUD and CLEAR.
I am SUPER optimistic of the 100% guaranteed outcome because I have seen the intelligence and evidence and watched the show unfold, all predicted way in advance, with astonishing accuracy. 
The White Hats (our friends) are master of 4D chess (advance war/game theory)
Future Proves Past
History is about to be rewritten with FULL transparency.

The only way to gather TRUE intelligence is to study exactly what your supposed enemy is saying and doing. Only this method of critical thinking will expose the possibility of the manipulation of oneself by the controllers of your info. When studying the 'enemy' if the information they supply is supported with contradicting, solid evidence to your paradigm, think of this as a warning flag that maybe YOU are being lied to. Then open up and research more. 

Question: Did the SS in Nazi Germany think they were doing evil? Or did they believe the convincing and controlled propaganda they were spoon-fed? 

The truth is, we've all been manipulated to a World view that is a construct of lies and fantasy, to keep us confused, insecure and weak. Until it was time for their final move to seize control of everything. We would have begged them to make the horror that was to come to stop.

Never think these people are stupid. They work to a much bigger plan and agenda, the working of which most have no idea of. At the most, we see fragments of truth which can easily be shut down with two, weaponised words, CONSPIRACY THEORY which makes our egos turn away in fear that we will be mocked by our peers. 
We construct our own compartmentalised mind and never see it. Clever Huh?

Divide and Conquer is the modus operandi. Feeding you propaganda and dis-info to make you feel intelligent and a righteous warrior. This is PURE manipulation of the's an extremely powerful technique. I've known many with high IQs that have not displayed intelligence, just good recall and memories, useful for repeaters. 
Why?.......lack of complete Data and Information. 

This is easy and effective when manipulating the ego and creating cannon fodder to be used at will to further a mission. A final 12yr Mission that had been scripted many decades ago.

They Never Thought She'd Lose!!
This is NOT a Left v Right issue (I'm so bored of saying that)
This is a Right v Wrong issue and a Battle for the survival of everyone and everything you know.

Remember, 'The Bigger The Lie, The Easier to Deceive the People'
At this point, if you say to yourself, "ha, you're the one being deceived, buddy" go back and re-read my many Facebook post over the last 3yrs. 
How many 'events', exposures, false flags, and arrests and outcomes did I know and warned about in advance??
How did I know these things?
When do coincidences become mathematically impossible?
"You Can Only Be Conscious of Things You Pay Attention Too"
I left my preconceived ideas and ego at the door to the library of Truth and Evidence.

I've known this intelligence below for quite a while but the amazing @GregRubini has just broken it down on his Twitter thread so it saves me a job (I've added info and comments in places)......STRAP IN! 

The signal to start the offensive has been sent. Time and Event markers have been passed.

It's TIME! After 3yrs of letting the enemy destroy themselves, it's time for the offensive attack. It's going to be messy, death by a thousand cuts in public view for the guilty.
Be careful who your heroes are because no-one escapes. 
Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming! 
TRUTH IS A BITCH with a side order of PAYBACK!! #TheMoreYouKnow 
This is for ALL the Children now and in the future! 
Welcome to the Storm

This is detailed but explains why the bad guys n gals have been after Trump for 3yrs, and this is just the start, you've seen nothing yet.

Popcorn Time!

1-25 point from Greg Rubini's Twitter account 6th Feb 2020 (minor additions by myself in yellow)

1. This will put OBAMA in jail for life.
OBAMA ordered a massacre of 100 innocent people
Eric Ciaramella is the KEY (the whistleblower I exposed here weeks ago), the undisclosed Statement 18 in Impeachment FAKE trial.
This is why the DEEP STATE protects him

2. imagine a former US 'President' (OBAMA) charged with the ASSASSINATION of 100 innocent people.
imagine that guy On Trial.
Imagine OBAMA being convicted and sentenced to life in jail.

3. In Feb 2014 there was a Coup d'Etat in Ukraine.
A very violent coup d'etat.
There was a massacre in the main square of the capital, Kiev.
100 people were killed.
WATCH FULL VID Ukraine Evidence Vid1

4. it was Barack Obama that ordered that massacre.
it was Obama that ordered 100 people to be BRUTALLY killed in Ukraine.

5. There were SNIPERS at windows of tall buildings surrounding the square.
Strategically placed.
The snipers from the buildings shot both at protestors, both at the police officers.
it was a HORRIFIC massacre
Western Media hardly covered this

6. 100 people were killed by the snipers.
both civilian protestors, both police officers.
that was The Ukraine Holocaust.

7. the SNIPERS were professional mercenaries.
they were hired and paid to do that job.
Their assigned job was to kill about 100 people.
those snipers were hired and paid by ERIC CIARAMELLA,
under orders by Barack OBAMA. (See pic at top of post)

8. this is the reason for the COVER-UP on the name 'ERIC CIARAMELLA'.
this is the reason for the GAG ORDER not to speak that name.
to protect OBAMA.

9. This is why CHIEF JUSTICE John Roberts REFUSED
to read the questions of Sen. Rand Paul at the Senate Trial.
to protect OBAMA.
Sen. Rand Paul questions had the name ERIC CIARAMELLA.
Ciaramella leads to Obama who ordered the massacre in Ukraine

10. and it is not just OBAMA guilty of the killing of 100 people in Ukraine in 2014.

- John Brennan
- Joe Biden
- John Kerry
- Victoria Nuland (State Dept)
- Geoffrey Pyatt (US Ambassador to Ukraine
They are ALL in it, up to their NECKS.

11. in this photo you have:
- Eric Ciaramella - left
- with Victoria Nuland - State Dept, (under John Kerry)
- US Ambassador in Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt
photo 2014
Eric Ciaramella speaks Ukrainian and Russian fluently

12. imagine a former US 'President' (OBAMA) charged with the ASSASSINATION of 100 innocent people.
imagine that guy under Trial.
imagine OBAMA being convicted and sentenced to life in jail.

13. but not just OBAMA, imagine under TRIAL also:
- John Brennan
- Joe Biden
- John Kerry (see pic 4)
- Eric Ciaramella
- Victoria Nuland
- Geoffrey Pyatt
LIVE on TV - worldwide

14. how do we know that Joe Biden and John Kerry are involved in that massacre?
WATCH FULL VID - to the end.
John Kerry admitted - live on camera
he threw OBAMA and BIDEN under the bus!
they ALL blackmailed to have the Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired

15 what John Kerry and the Deep State actors call "THE MAIDAN REVOLUTION"
is that MASSACRE of 100 people, killed by SNIPERS
- under orders of OBAMA and John Brennan.

16. why John Kerry, Joe Biden and Obama wanted that Ukrainian Prosecutor fired?
not just Burisma.
the Burisma stuff led to the COUP in Ukraine - to that massacre of 100 people, ordered by OBAMA and John Brennan.

17. the Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin was on that track.
he had to be removed.
Rudy Giuliani has revealed that the Deep State tried to kill Shokin, by poisoning him.
See link to Rudy Giuliani Youtube channel with Shokin interview Ep3 but it's worth watching all and subscribing if you're interested in the Truth + Evidence

18. and ERIC CIARAMELLA is the KEY to it all.
it was Ciaramella who hired the SNIPERS.
Ciaramella is connected with
- Barack Obama
- John Brennan
- Joe Biden
- John Kerry
- Victoria Nuland
- Susan Rice

19. Chief Justice John Roberts forbade the name of ERIC CIARAMELLA to be spoken in the Senate.
No surprise here.
Chief Justice Roberts is corrupt, compromised and blackmailed, and OWNED by the CIA.
he refused to read Sen. Rand Paul question (see above vid)

20. Sen. Rand Paul:
"Eric Ciaramella and Sean Misko plotted since Jan 2017 to remove President Trump"
no surprise here, either.
Eric Ciaramella was TERRIFIED that Trump would discover that he hired the SNIPERS for the massacre in Ukraine.

21. now the question is:
"Does President Trump know ALL of this?" 
What do you think?
Does he know that OBAMA ordered the massacre of 100 people in Ukraine?

22. - does President Trump know that ERIC CIARAMELLA, 
who started the Impeachment HOAX to remove him from office, hired the SNIPERS who killed 100 people?
he knows... 

with the massacre of 100 people in Ukraine, and the subsequent COUP, Obama and the DEEP STATE wanted to trigger Russia and Putin into a NUCLEAR World War III.
Eastern Ukraine is very close to Moscow.

24. and here is some info about the involvement of ERIC CIARAMELLA with Joe Biden and John Kerry, in the FIRING of Ukraine Prosecutor - Viktor Shokin
CIA - ERIC CIARAMELLA was personally involved in issuing Biden demand that Shokin be fired as a condition for IMF $1 billion. Ukr prosecutors informed of demand by US officials at 1/19/16 mtg in DC that CIA - ERIC CIARAMELLA hosted.

25. and we have one more question:
for great lawyers like
@Jane Raskin

is there an EXTRADITION TREATY between US and Ukraine?
I know there is a cooperation treaty on legal matters (1999),
but an Extradition Treaty?

EXTRAS: by J. Hodges
When the president of the United States asked the president of Ukraine to investigate, he was asking him to investigate crimes at the highest levels of both governments. This video lays bare the amount of corruption in Ukraine that took place under the Obama administration beginning in 2013 and explains clearly how Ukraine was corrupted by Americans.

Great video on Ukrainian Nazi Right Sector who were part of the Maidan Massacre and worked with US and client state coup plotters: