Sunday, 10 January 2016

Number 1 on Jan 8th / 9th 2016

What a week! 
Our very first book released SIRT FOOD reached No 1 in the highly competitive category of NUTRITION. We actually knocked Bear Grylls of the No1 spot.......WOW!!
I'd like to personally thank everyone involved in our success, whether   you helped in production or you purchased a copy, helped spread the  word or left reviews, a big thanks you goes out to you all. 
This month we have some new releases coming out. Firstly the follow up book in the series from the talented writer Mark Plummer titled 
'The Truth About Food Additives'.

I'm also releasing a title with Mark called 'Natural WILD WINES' about home made wine making from the fruit, berries and herbs foraged in the UK countryside.

Mark has a huge batch of wines ready to go made from last autumn's wild plums. Maybe I can twist Mark's arm and we'll offer a bottle or two out for a competition prize. 
Give us some feedback in the comment section and let us know if you'd be interested.

Finally we are pleased to announce that all of VIDDA Publishing catalogue will also be available at the end of January in Printed Editions and Audio books on Amazon - Createspace - ACX - Audible and on iTunes.

We have more exciting plans for the near future including a series of Smoothies and Recipe books co-authored by my good friend Ian J Johnson. Ian is on a journey back to his ideal weight & health with a clean diet, full of Sirt Foods. In the last month (even through Christmas) he's managed to lose 1st / 14lb. We're really proud of his achievement and we know he's in for the long haul. Well done mate.

Please go and check out Ian's informative and witty Facebook page and his great Smoothie Monster blog and show him some support, you'll definitely get a laugh out of his very honest and quirky writing, he pulls no punches and doesn't take himself too seriously.

That's all for now, I hope you all have a great 2016.
John Hodges