Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Pili's 40th birthday today and she's looking great on it.
She's been really spoilt so far and I have a few more surprises for her.
To go with her Moet Champagne I knocked her up a Wild Elderflower Green Smoothie, this should flush out the cake and the booze ;-)

Wild Elderflower Green Smoothie

6 stalks of Goose Grass
3 heads of Elderflower
10 Dandelion leaves
3 Nettle tops
1/2 lemon with skin
1 pear
1 peach
2 bananas
I also threw in a handful of spinach from the garden
1 tbsp of wheatgrass powder
1 tbsp spirulina
1 tsp ground Flaxseed
2 pints of filtered water......& blend

Just to make it a more memorable day we just found out the our book

is number 1 on two catagaries in (Spain)
That's No1 is three countries, unbelievable.