Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Natural World Through My Eyes & DOG TALES

To anyone who doesn't know me my greatest passions in life are Health & Nutrition and Natural History. Ever since I was a toddler the Natural World has held me spellbound. If it swims, crawls, flies or photosynthesises I'm in wonder of it and have to know everything I can about it. 

My passion has shaped my life our travels around the World, leading us to to places remote and off the map. My camera is always attached to my monopod and resting on my shoulder ready for any and every opportunities to capture in a frozen moment the wonders before my eyes. 

I don't claim to be the greatest photographer or naturalist but my passion for the subject grows unrestrained. Every hedgerow, tree or building is unconsciously scanned for life. My poor partner Pilar has become accustomed to me driving and scanning the horizon for birds and butterflies (I haven't crashed yet!!) 

I'm often asked "what's your favourite animal" my answer is always simple. Whatever I'm paying attention to at any given moment, especially if it's new to my eyes and camera lens, that's my favourite. I do admit though I have a weak spot for birds and butterflies. I still get the same rush of adrenaline pulsing through my veins, quickening my heart that I first experienced as a schoolboy when I heard and saw my first woodpecker.

I feel very fortunate to have this connection with nature hard wired into my genes. My parents always encouraged my sister and I and taught us that all life has value and should be respected and observed. Every life form we known have one thing in common, we all share this fleck of dust, drifting through the cosmos. That makes us all related. As far as we know as of the 2015 we could be the only life there is, although I really don't believe that for a second. I believe science very shortly will peel back the curtains to a cosmological jungle far greater than we ever dared to imagine. I just hope I live long enough to have this realisation confirmed. I keep doing the green smoothies to stack the odd in my favour.

If you'd like to view some of my photos please checkout my photo page by clicking on the link below. This website is showcasing work from various photographers from around the World, amatuer and proffesional so after you perroused through my collection which I will be adding to on a weekly basis, you might want to look around at the other fantastic work on show. The Natural World Through My Eyes

In the near future through our company I will be issuing books telling some of our stories and adventures from around the World on a quest to seek out those magic moments in the animal kingdom. We also intend to release some photo journals and books relating to human relationships with animals. 

In the next month we have a collection of books being prepared for release called 
'DOG TALES' Stories of Loyalty, Heroism & Devotion vol 1-5 which will be a collection of stories from around the world telling accounts of human relationships with man's best friend. 

Here are the book covers so please keep your eyes out for them. The stories are accessible for all ages but I warn you to have a box of tissues available for some of the stories. The five books will be available on Amazon Kindle for download or as a digital box set of all 5 volumes in one purchase at a discount. We will also be issuing it through Amazon Createspace for the people who prefer a printed book to read and keep on the shelf. This would make a great Christmas present.

Thanks for reading this post and I wish you all good health and happiness.
John Hodges