Friday, 4 September 2015

VIDDA Publishing BOOK SHELF & VIDDA Health Store

Here's the recent updates to our bookshelf at VIDDA Publishing plus our new VIDDA Health Store that's packed with supplements, nutrients, equipment, books, cosmetics (all cruelty free), men & women's health care and even non-GMO seeds. 

We also have a free documentry video page to help you get informed about you and your families health. Obviously it's vitally important to follow a diet rich in the correct nutrients, but equally important is the knowledge of what to avoid. The greatest freedom you can have is control of your own health and what goes into your body. I hope we can help a little in this with the information we are publishing.

In the next week we'll also have a couple of great new titles added to our book shelf. If you're a blogger or a dog lover subscribe and you'll receive updates and release info.
Thanks for your time, John & Pilar