Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Pre-Christmas Cinnamon Bomb Smoothie

Only sixteen days to go until Christmas Day so I've started to get in the mood in my own special way. Forget the dodgy christmas music, wrapping the house in enough sparky lights to melt the national grid, oh no, Christmas start in our house with a Cinnamon Bomb Smoothie.

I made this four pinter at 07:30 and it's just turned 14:00 and the four pints are gone. All the nutritionAL baseS are cover with this beast, I'm full of energy so the dog is going to get another loooong walk this afternoon.

The mixture of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Cinnamon, Persimmon, Grapes and Ginger make the mix really smooth, sweet and spicy. You wouldn't even know the green leafy veggies were in there, if you drank it with your eyes closed.