Tuesday, 8 December 2015


John Hodges here from ViddaPublishing.com.
One of the most common questions I get asked about my smoothie lifestyle is 'what blender do I recommend?'

If been making Green Smoothies everyday since 2009, it's transformed my mental and physical health beyond measure. 
I've gone threw at least six blenders in this time, simply just wearing them out. The blades go dull or the motor burns out.

I always got my monies worth because I was only spending approx £30 at a time on a model from Argos. I know what some of you are think, it's not very environmentally friendly and you'd be correct. The problem is when you have a limited budget, beggars can't be choosers.
The year had only just begun and my latest blender gave up the ghost. It had worked hard for almost a year so I forgave it. The smoothies we're on the rough, fibrous side but they did the job so who was I to complain.
I'd been hearing for a while about the amazing Vitamix blender but it was 100's of dollars and though I was having dreams about owning one I couldn't financially justify it.
I spent a day reading crappy reviews of over 20 different brands and models and the same name kept popping up with excellent reviews. People were saying that the Magimix blenders were as good as the Vitamix but for a faction of the cost.
As a family we decided it was time to make the leap and invest in a Magimix 11619 via Amazon. It arrived the very next day and we mixed our maiden green smoothie.
WOW what a difference.
As everyone who knows me can verify I don't mess about with smoothies. Lots of greens loaded with fibre. I often add wild greens into the mix and these unless really smooth are beyond most people. My Magimix obliterated them in 60 seconds. Smooth, creamy smoothies at last.

We'll never go back to our old, naive ways. This blender should last years. Even if it dies in another 12 months it's still been worth every penny
I can make four and a half pints of green, smooth goodness, enough for the three of us in the family. It's a doddle to clean, no hard to reach places that start to hum and move after a month. The motor has a range between 600rpm - 1500rpm. You could throw your sofa in there and still get a smoothie!
I can't recommend this blender enough and I can't believe we drank so many chunky smoothies, LOL
If anyone is interested in the blender or other juicers, gadgets, supplements and healthy, cruelty free products please go and have a look around our store. Hands up I do get a small affiliate commision from Amazon. But I only stock items that I've either tried or have been highly recommended by a college or a friend.
Maybe Santa will bring something nice on Christmas morning if you leave some links and hints around.
Hope everyone has a magnificent day. 
Regards John Hodges