Saturday, 27 February 2016

Extraordinary Wellness

It makes me very happy to introduce today an extraordinary woman with whom I identify in many levels and hold the utmost respect for: Lauren Ebbecke, Extraordinary Wellness Shaman and Mentor

Like me, she made a life-changing decision to take control of her health, wellbeing and restore her inner self. Touched by no small amount of personal drama in her life, the strength and power that emerged from those experiences and the firm believe that we CAN change and manifest our own realities, led her to dedicate her life to helping other professional women heal themselves. She is now “living her life on purpose” and helps (with her coaching and seminar programmes) other women who are stuck in drama, trauma and chaos, find solutions, build their confidence and empower them to take control of their lives to become the best expression of themselves, healthier and happier. 

Her inspiring, candid and uplifting Blog entries will fill you with positive energy. Sign up to her website and download FREE her guide "7 Steps Successful Women Use to Stay Calm During Chaos" AND the Audio "Create Less Stress".

Do you want to Smile more and Stress Less? Are you ready to transform your life? Then contact Lauren on Facebook and/or follow her on Twitter You can also find her details on our VIDDA Publishing Website.

"Empowering Women ~ One Step at a Time" with Extraordinary Wellness Coaching