Sunday, 17 May 2015

Carboots - Sunday Recipes and Organic Pest Control for your veggies

17th May 2015

Had an early start this morning, I was up at 6am to work on my new book. At 9am Pili and I went for a walk around the car boot sale at Branston Cross. We're looking for a roof box for our van for our next adventure but we drew a blank. I did buy a few books and a pair of jeans. 

The adjacent oak woodlands are full of English Bluebells and not the commonly seen Spanish invaders. I must get up there with my cameras. Spring this year is really in full bloom, I love this time of the year in the UK. Everything is alive and fresh. The greens are vivid and all the birds and bees have just one thing on there minds. We have a pair of Blue Tit's nesting in one of our nestboxes. I can hear the chicks all excited when the parents deliver a juicy grub. Yesterday afternoon I set up a camera to record the coming and goings of the parent birds. My editing software is playing up but I will be putting up a video for everyone to see later in the week.

For breakfast this morning I had my delicious 
Spicy Rye bread 

3 slices of Rye Bread
drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
A sprinkle of Turmeric
A sprinkle of Cayenne Pepper
3-4 grinds from the Black Pepper grinder
Chopped Spanish Onion
Cherry Tomatoes sliced in half
Lentil Sprouts
1-2 grinds of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt
with a dessert spoon of Spicy Coleslaw

On Sunday's we tend to give the Green Smoothies a miss, a day of rest I suppose.
We always have a large meal of greens and Sweet potatoes every Sunday, lots of Kale, Sprouts and Cabbage with roasted Parsnips and Sweet potatoes. Today was no exception.

For a nutritious dessert my mother harvested some of our Rhubarb from our garden, May is the best time to harvest Rhubarb, it's tangy and not to fibrous. Pili stewed six stalks with 2 Bramble Apples, Cloves, 2 sticks Cinnamon, grated Ginger and with Honey to taste, AMAZING!

Animal Friendly Pest Control

I put all our Rhubarb leaves will go into a large tub of collected rainwater and we will use it as an organic pesticide if we have to later in the year. We've a little trouble with whitefly on our veggies over the last couple of years but a spray of Rhubarb leaves infused water does the trick. 

To keep the slugs at bay and away from our young salads in the greenhouse with use filtered water with a crushed Garlic clove soaked overnight and then sprayed on the young plants, the slugs won't go near.

Here's mom with her Rhubarb harvest

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