Monday, 18 May 2015

Organic Nootropic Monday Morning Smoothie

18th May 2015

Monday morning and I'm up at 6am, I've a busy day ahead and it's time to get my neurons firing.
By far the best way in my opinion is with a Green Smoothie. A big dose of Chlorophyll, Fibre, Vitamins and Minerals right out of my garden. Also a great way to make sure you're hydrated for the beginning of the day.

I look out of the kitchen window and it's pouring with rain. One of our large Stock Doves is looking a little sorry for himself and is taking shelter underneath the roof on our bird feeding table. Our nesting Bluetits seem oblivious to the weather, both parents are slaves to the conveyor belt of food that their chicks are demanding. The noise from the nestbox upon a food delivery is very impressive. Bluetits can on a good year sometimes lay a dozen or more eggs, I'm really looking forward to the fledglings taking their first look at the outside World, usually early June. I'm hoping the weather has improved so that I can set up a camera to capture the fluffy, yellow youngsters.

Below is a photo I took last month through our kitchen window when the parents were putting the lining in the nest.

I got wet in the vegetable garden collecting my ingredients for our smoothie but the smell from our wet pine tree was worth getting wet for.

Our smoothies are 70% greens and 30% fruits. This is the ideal ratio for us, it's very easy to add too much fruit in order to sweeten the mix. I like to make sure I get as many greens in the mix as possible and with lots of variety and wildies. At first the taste can be a little strong especially with the wild greens but it's incredible how the human taste buds soon adapt and you just don't need the sweetness. We really don't notice the taste too much now, it's our preventative medicine and breakfast for the day. I'm the greedy pig of the family and have 3 pints while Pili and my mother have a pint each. Within 20 minutes I can really feel the effects. My energy levels are soaring and I'm ready for my day.

Nootropic Green Smoothie

1tbsp Wheatgrass powder
1tbsp Spirulina
1tbsp Bee Pollen
1 piece of Ginger
1 Lemon with skin
1 Kiwi with Skin
2 ripe Bananas
10 stems of Goose Grass
10 Dandelion leaves
10 leaves of of assorted cabbage (3 species)
5 leaves of Cavolo Nero Kale
1 1/2 pints of filtered water

Later today I'm hoping to receive the cover to my first book which I will post here, it's called:

SIRTFOODS - What They Are & What They Can Do For You

It'll be on hopefully by the end of the month. I'll be offering a 5 day free download so get it while you can. I'd also really appreciate a honest review on the Amazon page, thanks.

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