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Use the Force start Sprouting Microgreens

Extract from the imminent release 'How to Save Yourself' by J. Hodges

During all my years of research into health and nutrition, studying the beneficial and healing benefits of a plant-based diet. I've had to confront the startling reality that the diet I had previously known was saturated in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and herbicides, artificial sugars, and salts and all this was sold to me, and you by a corrupt, deceptive self-serving monster of an industry. The food industry literally plays God with our health because in 'them we trust'. Thankfully it seems the tide is turning and populations are waking up to the dangers served up on their plates.

Your health starts with what you put into your body via the whole in your face, it's that simple. Saying that, the human body is extremely efficient in the short term dealing with toxins and substances it doesn't recognise. One of our bodies favorite responses is to wrap these toxic molecules in fat cells and store them away out of harms way. You might recognise this process when you look into the mirror and wonder why the six pack you imagined to be hiding underneath your clothes, like rippled, firm, wet sand on a shoreline of a tropical ocean actually looks more like the bloated torso of that special uncle that only turns up at family weddings and is always found passed out in the car park.

You can cheat and deceive yourself for decades but eventually, the overloading of your aging immune system will bite you in the ass. Youth is the great deceiver, charming you with flattery and a feeling of immortality. When things get a little wild the hand of youth picks you up from your faltered place, dusts you off and sends you on your way, the bullets of life deflected by its very presence.

BUT.........all those takeaway meals, booze soaked holidays and weekends and a fridge stocked full of beautifully packaged delights awaiting the microwave and a TV soap will ALWAYS get you, eventually.

Trust me I know!!!

I know for sure that I'm not divulging a great mystical secret from the fountain of youth. Everybody knows that eating a low nutrient, processed food is not good. But is has surprised me how few people with serious health problem realise that poor diet is the main cause of the majority of disease. Many will say "Oh but it's also genetic and my family has a history of this disease" [fill in the blank]. This does play a part but those genes have to be in an environment to express themselves into the manifestation of that disease. It's like saying, "I have a toaster so therefore it's inevitable that I will die from electrocution". Sure create the environment, ie; take a shower with the plugged-in toaster and yes you will be lite up like a cheap Christmas tree all because you owned a toaster. Create a dangerous environment and bad things happen.

The same goes for our health and bodies. You create a toxic sewer for your cells and they will turn into a hungry crap eating monsters that will consume you. Your DNA needs a wide spectrum of organic nutrients every day to keep the molecular integrity and to function safely and effectively within your body. We are not taught this at all. It should be part of the educational curriculum from the first days of schooling. But then we'd have a population of informed people who weren't addicted consumers to the food and pharmaceutical industries, draining societies resources and empowering the ruling elite, perish the thought!!!!

Ok, so that's enough of my sarcastic rantings. How do you start to change a lifetime of bad dietary habits and clean up and repair your failing body?

Nothing makes more sense to me than adding sprouted micro greens to your diet. Microgreens are the sprouted seeds of common vegetables and legumes, such as broccoli, kale, lentils and mung beans. All the live enzymes and nutrients needed to make a fully mature plant is all encapsulated in a tiny seed. All you need to start the growth process is the add the miracle medium H2O and a little warmth and of the go, LIFE. Every few days from out of my simple sprouter (see below) I can eat a garden full of broccoli plants, sunflower greens, and succulent mung beans by the handful, all vibrant and alive, bursting with chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals. We add them to just about every meal. Fantastic thrown into a hot soup sprinkled on pasta and rice dishes and heaven in any type of sandwich. I never cook with them because the heat quickly destroys the nutrients. 

Sprouting microgreens is an amazing and simple way to get maximum nutrition, very cheaply and very easy to do. Your body will thank you as you replace and provide the molecules your body is literally dying for. If you are suffering from the common maladies of our society, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease etc, etc it's time to address the diet you're feeding your immune system. Why do you need to suffer when the remedies can be on your plate. 

This way of treating disease is about fixing the whole failing system and not just the symptoms that are destroying your health that is prescribed with toxic, expensive pharmaceuticals with horrible side-effect and an alarming fatality statistic Pharmaceutical Drug Deaths

I hear all the time "it's too expensive to eat healthily". This is insanity!!! The better nutrients you absorb through your diet the less you feel hungry, the less food you need to buy. Plus it's really easy to grow your own food which is guaranteeing your own healthcare. 

If you're constantly snacking or thinking of your next feeding time then your body is crying out for nutrition. Once satisfied the body turns that nutrition into high quality, slow release energy that lets you be a creative, happy and healthy human being and not 24/7 hungry!!! 

Our overweight society is actually dying of malnutrition. You can eat ten pizzas a day washed down with donuts and cola but all your getting is empty, useless calories, with lots of toxins thrown in for good measure and a huge credit card debt. These toxins are conveniently and most often addictive. How lucky for the junk/processed food industry. A customer base addicted to their products and a pharmaceutical industry that supplies the food toxins and then, in turn, gets the follow-on sales of over the counter prescription medicines US Drug sales Aug 2015 

Your body wants to be healthy and it can repair and rejuvenate. I've witnessed the amazing transformation in chronic health conditions, even in people in their 80's just by a change to a predominately plant based diet.

Kids love the whole process of germinating the seeds, they have a garden to tend on the windowsill. It's a great way to get them to eat healthier because they can be involved in the process and it fits into today 'quick, on demand' zeitgeist. 

If anyone wants to know more please feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment below. I've also attached the banner below for the company I use for my supplier of Heirlooms, non-GMO sprouting seeds.

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Extract from the imminent release 'How to Save Yourself' by J. Hodges
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